Cairo – Mokattam -El hadba El wosta

in front of the Faculty of Dentistry MTI Building 6181-floor1

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Xtrade Was Founded as General Trading & Investment Company in 2015, Despite its startup company,it has won the customer trust and government sectors in the areas of medical suplies and public and private insitutions.

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Soft tissue Dental laser device in Egypt

Upgrade your dental practice with the Zolar Dental Laser device and reap the benefits of cutting-edge technology! Our state-of-the-art device offers numerous advantages, including:

Faster and more precise treatments

Reduced pain and discomfort for patients

Minimally invasive procedures with minimal bleeding and swelling

Enhanced accuracy and control for clinicians

Greater patient satisfaction and loyalty

Make your dental clinic stand out from the competition and provide your patients with the best care possible. Invest in the Zolar Dental Laser device today!

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